Another one bites the dust.


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Yes . . . He was. :) He was sitting outside the cabin he rented on the lake (ok Ian, next to the lake) when he wasn't sitting in a lawn chair outside the house watching it being built. Lot's of sitting, life is tough huh?

Edited so Ian could understand. o_O
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He rented a lake?

SW, I saw that right off and left it alone, Rick's "blonde" is showing ;)

My wife was showing me some epic autocorrect "oopsies" the other day on some site, I wonder if Apple has ever been sued for causing a divorce?


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House took nearly a year to build. We broke ground in October of 2011 and moved in for good, in September 2012. We rented a house, during the off season, from one of the many resorts on Norfork Lake. Cash, under the table, with consequent savings for both parties. We we down here for seven months of the build. Had to be out of the resort by Memorial Day would have doubled. In the meantime, had the builder finish the basement first, so we could live down there till we went back to Detroit to orchestrate the move.

When we saw those eight bucks, it was late Summer of 2012............their antlers were not in velvet.

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Fresh deer tenderloin on an open fire...... only thing better is Elk.Cept,I did eat some Sitka deer steaks at a bow shoot one time....they're miniature Elk so it might edge the larger brethren a touch on the flavor but.... dang,they're small.

Ground up and chunked in spaghetti sauce,deer rules. Will also put our ho-made breakfast sausage up against any corporate sausage.

But Ian is spot on..... for a jerky conesuir,until you've eaten gourmet deer jerky,and hold the cayenne to a minimum cause,like salt it's just a cheap or ghetto way for corporate jerky makers to profile for consumers in a 7-11 store line. Use both sparingly. Same with soy sauce,low sodium.... if you taste it in the product, you prolly used to much. Besides perfect cutting techniques( none of that ground up caulking gun nonsense).... how you cook of doneness... along with flavors makes it too serious to ignore.

Never made any summer sausage? but a pro hunter/outfitter friend..... big ole,overweight northern boy.Grew up in Michigan or some such..... Was/is a hunting nut,makes summer sausage from Moose that is world class.Put it this way,I'd BUY it from him it's so good.

Loved summer sausage as a kid in the 70s/80s when every year we got a box of stuff around Christmas from hickory farms. It tasted really good then. Now their stuff tastes rancid and cheap. I swore it all off until I stopped at a meat cutters shop and he foisted some goose summer sausage on me. Oh it was good again. Really good.


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Coming home from a successful elk hunt a number of years ago, stopped at my cabin in
the mountains of Colorado for the night. Sliced up one tenderloin into mini-filet mignons.
Gently fried until just done sprinkled with a bit of garlic powder and salt. OH.....MY......GOODNESS!
That was just wonderful.