Any comments on GP100 in .22lr?


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I have a GP100 in .357. I was looking on the Ruger site at the GP100s in .44 spcl, trying hard not to drool on my keyboard. Noticed several models in .22lr. Given my current situation that is probably a more sensible choice. Anybody have one that would like to share any comments? I have a S&W 18-2 that makes a good alternative to my model 10 and thought an alternate to my GP100 .357 might be in order.

The only place I have to shoot is an indoor range that requires you to use factory ammo and keeps any brass that hits the floor. Fine, I understand the economics of it. But they aren't getting my brass so semi-auto centerfire pistols are out, and shooting factory ammo kind of defeats the purpose of casting and reloading. A .22lr revolver in the same frame/action type as my preferred CF calibers seems like a cheaper way to practice.


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Before I opened this thread I was already thinking "sometimes it's nice to just shoot and not fuss with reloading". Yep, sounds like a good choice.


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I wish they made it in .22 WMR but .22 lr is probably more versatile and cheaper to shoot. And yes it probably is heavier than needed for the caliber but I can't imagine ever wearing one out.


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Hmm. I have an SP101 in .22 LR which is a really nice handgun, pretty accurate, too.
Seems to be a better size for a .22, but if you want it as a trainer for a GP100 .357,
it probaly won't do, although they are similar, it is certainly smaller.



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I would be ALL OVER a GP-100 in 22 Win Mag. I looked at a new "Classic Series" S&W Model 48 not long ago, and the things just don't look "right". Proportions and contours are just wrong.