Anyone collect ol' Cartritages?


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Only cartridges I have stored away are those I just won't ever shoot.
Some 1903 made 30 Mauser that came with a "Large Ring, Flatside" Broom Handle made in 1897.
Some 1943 30-06 that came with a 1943 Springfield M1 Garand.
Some 1952 30-06 in Garand clips.


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I have dabbled with collecting cartridges over the years. Once met a gentleman who had two friends who were rather serious, oddly enough it wasn't one or a few of each, or boxes etc. They both only collected one cartridge type, one was 30-06 head stamps and the various projectiles, the second was into 9x19. Each of their respective collections reported were numbered in well into several thousand single rounds of '06 and 9x19 respectively o_O. Rather mind boggling when you think about it, all of the various arsenals,manufactures, years of production, projectiles, etc. production