Back Yard this morning!


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OK I just had to post this : I just watched this young cat stay as still as a tree while 10 Turkeys pecked the ground next to him.
He either was fearless or crap scared!
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We are seeing a lot of 6 month old deer herding together. Does are running them off when the does breed. Fawns are not used to being alone and bunch up for a couple of months.
This little bull moose hanging out by the front door eating my wife's flowers in August. The Cow was at the front door licking the ice melt salt off the top step. The third picture is the cow and her two yearlings. The cow and yearlings have been hanging out almost weekly all year. The picture of the cow had her nose almost against the glass, what you can't see is my Border Collie with her nose on the glass fidgeting.


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Yea you have to turn on lights and look both ways, these guys can be very fast in close quarters. Went out last year and though it was safe to head to the shop, cow moose was about 20 feet out and she decided that I should stay in the house. I turned and stood my ground trying to look as big and loud as I could. Lucky for me my Son burst out the front door to help. Attacks from 2 directions was to much for her. Most of the time they move off and don't give any problems, but, when they do..............


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Next you'll be posting a picture of the damage that buck did when it came through that window!! Easy way to fill a tag though.
How much your deer weigh there Brad? That buck appears to be well built, even with small antlers.


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I would say a decent buck is 200, really big ones go 250. I doubt many in Nebraska go 300.
We have them on the patio often. We put out corn for the squirrels and the deer often help themselves.
Hans, the cat in the photo, spends hours watching the various critters that visit.