Beginning testing with the forgotten 6.5 (aka 260 Remington)

Herb in pa

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Casting the RCBS 140 Grain Sil and using 2400 powder, these are the first trial groups @100 yards. Groups 1&2 with 15.5 gr 2400 and no filler, Groups 3&4 with
15.5 gr 2400 and 1 grain dacron filler. Group 1 1.505 (8 in .665), Group 2 1.427, Group3 1.617 and Group 4 1.425. I think with a little tweaking this will do ok. 1 in 9 twist 6 Groove.


John G

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I recently re-barreled a Remington 660 in 260 with a 1 in 8, 24" featherweight tube. Shot it for the first time last week. I do have a couple of 266 Lyman molds coming, might be here by next week, maybe. Could not seem to come up with a good Swede, zigging and zagging between money and availability. Had a couple of 660's, one a 308 and the other a 6mm. To me a 20 barreled 6mm is a waste. Needs more barrel. 6mm became a candidate by default.
Will be watching this thread with interest.


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Well done. I’m very envious, have given up on the two 6.5 CMs I’ve tried cast in. Might motivate me to try again. Keep posting your progress.

Herb in pa

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Second test conducted today (8/5).

Group 1 15.5 gr 2400 no filler 1.629" (7 in .845")
Group 2 15.5 gr 2400 w 1 gr dacron filler 1.111" (8 in .920")
Group 3 16.0 gr 2400 no filler 1.493" (8 in 1.217")
Group 4 16.0 gr 2400 w 1 gr dacron filler 1.214" (7 in .731")

Next attempt will try 16.5 grains................



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I wish more people would start shooting cast in their 6,5’s.
It will be interesting to see if the slight accuracy advantage of the dacron loads will diminish with slightly more powder.