Bench mounts for range scopes


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While down at the range this morning, I saw three similar bench mounts for range scopes. One was with the pricey Sinclair mount, and two others used a pipe clamp.... If you look at the Pony w/ Wood, notice that the maker took the existing base / handle/ post out of an existing tripod mount, drilled two holes in the wood, put in thumbscrews, and waa-laa..

For folks that have struggled with the cheap Red Chinee tabletop tripods, this might make the herefor hard to align scope easy to use while you are still seated.


Pony w/ Metal

Pony w/ Wood
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I finally bought the Sinclair, sucked it up and spent money once. Has worked perfectly for about 10 years with a big 80MM scope mounted and in the wind. Only time it doesn't work is on the poor designed "U" shaped bench tops that don't have an edge. YMMV.


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I have also used an inexpensive camera tripod to simply rest on the ground to the left of the bench (I am right handed) and hold as big a scope as is needed.