Built a die rack today


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I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. The dies take up much less space this way and I hated getting them out of boxes. This is 3 pieces of 2x4 drilled with a forstner bit and painted with Rustoleum textured green.

The dies are in numerical order by caliber and the top row is neck expanders and FCD’s.


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you wanna do one that holds about 200 die body's?
I see you have the same shell holder holder I have.


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Dang, your doing enough work there in your recovery to be getting paid. Nice rack! Maybe a dust cover next or shoot the 357?

Just a tall inconvenient to get the set you want stack of og boxes on the bench.


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You can get away with stacked boxes if the ground stays still.

"nice rack" indeed.


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I have two stacks of boxes and then a whole bunch in their boxes scattered around on various shelves in
the basement. I keep thinking that I need them all in the same place.....but I don't have a place big enough
for about 30 or 40 sets, no real idea how many die sets I have. I need to sell a couple of my 7.5 Swiss die
sets, and a few other dups.

Nice rack, but I would take 5-10 minutes to find out which dies to use in that setup.



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Hmm. Perhaps, I never had one. I would have to take each die out and read the tiny lettering
stamped on the top. I suppose I could write on the holder with a Sharpie.

Oh, and the ONE problem with the wonderful Hornady New Dimension dies is that some of them
are entirely free of markings! I have engraved the caliber on the tiny belt between the end and
the knurling on most of them, but hard to read from more than 6" away.

So, I keep most in the original boxes or drums.

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I screwed an old double card-file box under the loading bench. Die-set ID is marked with a black sharpie on the visible edge so it shows as I pull the file drawer open. This holds the most often used die sets in their boxes. My not so often used sets are also stored in card-file drawers, but in an other area of my loading room.


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I have been thinking about a major re-tooling of my tool storage methods. I waste a lot of wall space with shelving. I gotta stay OUT of Harbor Freight, Home Depot, and Lowe's. Those roll-away tool chests are CALLING TO ME. I have one for my automotive tools that I have out-grown, my home repair tools take up shelf space, and the reloading stuff REALLY crowds things.


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Nice work.
I don`t have enough wall to put my dies in racks.
I keep them in their original boxes stacked on the shelf where I can read the caliber...dale


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I have a few more less used sets still in boxes. I have my rack close to eye level and the dies are in numerical order, 222, 223, 270 etc. not a problem to get to the die I need.


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BL, you did a beautiful job. I like that it saves drawer space and bench space.

My dies and moulds reside in a GI foot locker.