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My camo collection is for turkey hunting. But then I have had them plop down thirty yards from me in blaze orange. Go figure.


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A wonderful day in the woods yesterday.Some property I'm helping manage as part of a much larger building project.Owner was shooting cast in a traditional ML'er....I with hot rod longbow.

He was mainly in a treestand,me on the ground.Both saw good action.Leaves are falling opening up site lines.Cold as my wife's cooking with frigid air comin up outta the river bttm.....we had to build a fire bout 10 to keep from freezing,haha.

Was very proud of my boys yesterday.All 5 of "us" were in the woods bowhunting yesterday.Two in western Md. mnts,hiked in,camp overnight(still there),hunt,freeze.The youngest and oldest.The former with an out of St license/tag.Me and #2 were in different parts of Va....he was on a James river bttm,W of Richmond,me on the Otter river foothills of the Blue ridge.#3 was hunting,in state NC.

I got home to make dinner and wifey starts in on me.....uhh,there were a bunch of deer standing in the yard,watched me unload the car.She understands her boy's need to go hunting but,always likes to point out the deer and turkey in the yard?

Leafy camo was the poop yesterday for me,just a bit out of range on several shot opportunities.Bucks are starting to get swole up.This coming week should be a good'n.
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