casting for Idago legal muzzleloader


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just a short explanation of the pics will help.
most of us here are hunters or were and have done many 'autopsies' and use those to further refine our bullets, or make recommendations to others.

side note.
one of the best hunting story's I ever read was by a veterinarian.
it started out with him and his boy preparing to go camping, the middle was them spotting and stalking their deer, and ended up with a couple of reports like you'd see on NCIS or Quincy in the morgue.
the bullet enter her hind quarter on the back right side, missed the femur and the femoral artery, passed through the 'top sirloin' muscle group but stayed beneath the hide, and inside the abdomen, then traveled the length of her torso crossways , destroying her liver and knicking a lung before lodging its self beneath the hide on the right side of the base of her neck.
it was the luckiest dam thing I've ever seen. no intestines were damaged, no stomach trauma. she staggered ten steps and dropped. a fatal ass shot.


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Reminds me of an interview in a magazine I read. A guy from one of the major bullet companies was talking about letter he received from customers talking about bullet failures. They often sent photos of recovered bullets that didn’t look the way the customer wanted them to look.
His comment was “at what point in the death of your game animal did our bullet fail?”


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that's true you can only expect so much.
18"s of skin and lung tissue is a lot different than 9"s of shoulder blade and spine.