COL chart by die length


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This is a little trick I have found useful, regarding adjusting the bullet seater die. I have so many different bullets, that keeping «dummy» rounds for all of them is unpractical (or, to be honest, I wouldn´t find them when I needed them anyway).

Given that you keep the lock ring in the same place, the COL with a certain bullet will be a function of the total length of the die. So, when I have adjusted my seater die to the correct COL, I measure and record the «Die overall length» in a chart. Next time I am loading the same load, I can adjust the length of the die directly in my calipers before mounting the die in the press. This is much faster than seating a bullet, measuering the cartridge, adjusting the die a little, seating a little more and so on (like I have done for many years...).
This might be obvious to many of you, but it took me a while to realize (palm-vs-forehead-moment).

Kevin Stenberg

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I have loaded cases like you had with bullets seated to the correct depth. And the seating die measurement on the case.
Your way is alot more compact. I will have to duplicate your chart.