correspondence problems


trying to correspond with a member to purchase a item (somehow got it done). but, got a message from IAN tyring to help me out. said to go to settings. there is nothing on this site that says "settings' on my computer screen. some help please

Jeff H

NW Ohio
Can't answer for Ian, and don't know the rest of the instructions, but if you look at the bottom of the dark blue field at the top of the page, you will see your avatar and login name (right of center), right beside "inbox" and "alerts." If you click on your login name there, it offers some "settings" for you to fiddle with.


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That's it, Jeff. The Inbox with the little envelope symbol is where private conversations can be viewed and referenced later. In your settings, you can choose to see alerts when you have a new message from a member, it will appear as a little red flag next to the inbox so you know at a glance that someone is contacting you.