Decided to give myself a treat...


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Looks a lot like my SP101 . 22. Just the big brother. It is a good shooter, I would
imagine that the GP100 will be, too. .22s are fun, although I have never owned a .22 revolver
(and I have a number of them) which could match my .22 Ruger std autos for best accuracy.
Good guns, though.
I don't think you could hardly break one in .357 Mag, no possible way with a .22.


Jeff H

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THAT one is a good-looking revolver! I'm not sure what it is but it has a classier, more classic revolver look to it tan most GPs. Very nice.

I'm still annoyed that they replaced the Security Six line and never thought the GPs were all that pretty. It's not that they're actually "ugly," but they are missing some of the sleekness of revolvers from an earlier age.

Now that I can walk into a store and buy 22s without calling ahead, standing in line, getting there before they open and before "Bob the entrepreneur" and his whole household to each buy their ration, I'm getting more interested in 22 rimfire again. Thinking about getting a 6" MKII, but, dang, I love revolvers and that's a neat revolver.


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I have a ruger Mark II semiauto and like it a lot, but I hate loading mags even using some of the mag loaders. And of course there is the ability to shoot a much wider range of ammo reliably in a revolver. I feel a little like a kid again, one good gun and lots of .22s to shoot up. And yes, being able to get ammo on an affordable walk-in anytime basis is refreshing and encourages more shooting.

Used to have a Security Six and liked it a lot but had to sell it at a low point in my life. Now I have a 4" SS GP100 and it's fine and rugged and all but it is a bit heavier than the older line. To me its like going from a K frame to an L frame, better in some ways, not so much in others. At least the GP series is big enough to get 10 rounds of .22 and 5 rounds of .44 as alternative chamberings.

I do wish Ruger would bring back the Security Six, S&W has resurrected the M19 even though they sell the L frames, Ruger has several single action frame sizes, why not a small and a medium frame DA revolver? Call it a Classic or something.


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Keith, I have my old Sec Six 6" SS and it is a really nice gun, and very accurate. I did some polishing
inside and put in a Bullseye spring kit in the 80s and it has a really wonderful single and double action
pull. Ruger would do well to bring them back out, I agree.