Desoto wildlife refuge- Internet in your treestand


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Ummm, kinda? Last turkey I shot I texted a photo of to my wife right away.
When I had my nephew hunting with me for turkey he asked about shot sizes so I used my phone to pull up a chart showing what the sizes meant.

The real question is this- how many of us have ever used the 'net while hunting?


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I didn't have much time to test the net today.

I shot this button with the aforementioned mp454-308k over 60gr goex. He was only 15' away. Shot from above the right shoulder. It blew the heart open nicely and busted the other shoulder. I believe that boolit is still in there and I'm going to do my best to recover it. I have a couple relatively clean heart photos. I would post them in the other thread but, I wasn't sure if that was ok?


Then this afternoon I realized the spot I wanted to hunt didn't have any suitable trees for my climber. I picked the least of all evils tree and only made it about 5 foot off the ground due to the trees being dead or leaning from the flooding. It was just high enough to see over the tall grass. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was able to make the op while eating a samich in the tree.
I shot this one this afternoon with a different omega loaded w/pyro/shocwave.
All in all a fantastic day at the refuge. $30 tag with only 2 days to harvest 2 deer and I'm done the first day.


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Well done.
Deer innerds are not an issue here, I doubt any of us are squeemish.

Those should provide a bunch of tasty meals.


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I had to see if it worked up here. Do you have Internet service in your favorite tree?
Difficult to imagine such a thing. I barely have internet or cell service in my cabin... Not to mention the trees here are mostly far too small to climb.

Merry Christmas.


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I was unable to find the boolit. It did not pass through. I believe it stopped in the gut pile and I simply couldn't find it. Looks like the busted shoulder was not hit. I think he broke it on the bang flop. Bummer!

I did get them all processed. The 2 above pictured deer made 28 steak dinners for 2. Three nice shoulder roasts for 4 and a nice bit of grinder meat. I'll wait to grind until all seasons close and then make some brown sugar breakfast sausage & maybe some thin hot stick sausages.


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I barely get gps service where I hunt.
it took my E-trex 45 minutes to find me the last time I used it up there.
cell service? yeah..nope.
I spend a lot of time in those white areas you see on a cellular coverage map.

which I find odd cause my satellite radio works just fine


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The mountain valley I go to may one day have some kind of service. But I will not hold my breath too much. But it is getting closer... within an hours ride on a 250 Kaw.
Mike in Peru


Yes. My tree is only about 600 feet to the side of my house, and 200 feet from my neighbors. I can get wi-fi from both. I have never used it on any hunting trip.


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My most recent hunting trips run out of cell service about 25 miles before I leave the asphalt.

3 yrs ago I had pretty good service the last half mile back to the truck ,but I was on a ridge top where I could see California and Utah 150 miles north of Las Vegas. That 11,000 ft antenna helps, 20 ft down either side of the ridge zip.