Die retention nut drivers for sale


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I've been digging out old stock and found 18 Lyman size (7/8") nut drivers and 19 RCBS size (15/16") nut drivers. They make changing dies on the Lyman 450/4500 much easier and greatly reduce the chance of cross threading. Helpful on the RCBS LAM series also but the RCBS engineers put a coarser pitch thread on their nuts that is less likely to cross thread. The epoxied in ceramic magnet helps retain the nut and the O-ring on the stem retains the nut driver in the ram while allowing it to rotate easily.

The wrenches are $22/each + $5 for shipping. If you want one in both sizes I'll ship both for $5. Post here if you want one and I'll send you instructions for payment.

I still need to clean them up, glue the magnets in them and put on the O-rings but they will all be ready to ship beginning Monday 1/8/18. They come with the handle as shown.



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We are working to get a spot set up for Keith and his tools.
Anyone interested please contact Keith via PM.

I am happy to see some fine tools available once again.


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I really appreciate Brad and the crew here working with me to let me sell my stuff here. I understand wanting to avoid some of the problems that have occurred at other sites, and I don't want to do anything to change the culture here. I know I am a guest and I appreciate being able to hang out here. I don't look at this site as a commercial outlet but I do think that I have created some specialty items that are of interest to the folks here.

While I was digging these out I found a box marked "blank dies". I will catalog them this weekend and put them up for sale here, I know I have Lyman/RCBS, Saeco, and Star/Magma dies but don't know how many or whether they have center holes.
I have one and see it as the greatest thing ever developed by Man.

My blood pressure never goes up now (at least when sizing/lubing)


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Kevin I appreciate your comment and I thank you for it but I find when I act like a guest it keeps me on my best behavior. I find too much rudeness in much social discourse nowadays and I don't want to be a contributor to it. I also appreciate that the site owners are indeed the owners and are kind enough to allow other people to share the site under some reasonable conditions.

Let's all be nice to each other and have some fun!


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The wrenches are WONDERFUL. I always sweated putting my Lyman nut back on. The stiffness of the
lube and the o-ring made it really hard to feel the threads, and they are fine on the Lyman 450, plus
the body is aluminum, easy to bugger up. With the alignment driver, you relax, it goes on perfectly and
smoothly every time. A very satisfied customer.

Keith, please reserve one for my RCBS lubrisizer to go with my existing Lyman tool to complete the set.

I'll probably pick up a few blank dies. Since I have a lathe, I can work with the no center hole ones more
easily than those that do not, if that makes things simpler in your sales calculus.


S Mac

Sept. 10, 2021 Steve left us. You are missed.
I will add my praise to Keith's tool, makes a job that can be a real pain one that is so simple.