Eastwood Clear, 375 or 400 degrees?


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I don't think of it that way.
I took a sick toaster oven, saved it from the scrap heap, saved its life, nursed it back to health, gave it new purpose and because it is electric, reduced my carbon footprint by not using a petroleum fueled oven, thus saving the planet.
I'm a hero in my own mind!


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I bet you could really reduce it if you wired it into your prius.
or maybe hooked it up to that wind mill on your roof.
you know the one that only spins around 2-3 days a week for an hour or two at a time.


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You say that, but I've got a re-purposed gasoline yard edger, that I picked up off the curb, fixed for $5 and mounted an old alternator (off an old 1976 GMC Jimmy) to the blade shaft.
We use it at the deer lease to charge the old car batteries that run everything in camp.
It's portable, uses little fuel and doesn't drain any charge towards running the truck like jumper cables would.
And I rebuilt the alternator so it charges at 140 amps, instead of the original 63-65 amps.
Machines need love, too.


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Hey, the first guns were made by shoving home made gunpowder and whatever was handy, usually a spear or rocks, down a bamboo tube and setting it off. Reloading was invented by doing that till the bamboo blew apart.
Re-loaders may have not always been the most brilliant, but at least we are creative.:p:p:p:p
Trekkies .......you forgot "wrap the breech" . :)


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Trekkies .......you forgot "wrap the breech" . :)
That was a great episode, but I believe they stole that Idea for the Arena episode from the Chinese History books. You know Capitan Kirk was a very inventive fellow, survived show after show season after season, on his wits. Or at least those of G Roddenberry Harlin Ellson and Lucille Ball.
I Think I feel a drift coming on.
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I never saw that episode but read the book when I was a kid. Something about a one-on-one battle to the death against another captain who was some sort of lizard/dinosaur thing. Bat guano, natural sulfur deposits, and some hard bamboo and flint saved the day.


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I like you’re new avatar. Is that really you?
My avatar isn’t really me I just picked a photo of a really handsome guy.;)
Yep! That was me in 2016. I‘ve got a bit more grey in my beard now.
I was going through a phase. We’ll call it my “Crazy Pancho Villa Mustache Phase”!


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Yep! That was me in 2016. I‘ve got a bit more grey in my beard now.
My daughter gave me a shirt that states "The 4 Stages of Life":

1. You believe in Santa Claus.
2. You don't believe in Santa Claus.
3. You are Santa Claus.
4. You look like Santa Claus.

I hit stage 4 years and years ago!


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I think he actually ended up perforating the lizard dude with a couple of ounces of diamonds.
iirc bill and ted got thrown off that same rock in number-2 by the evil robots.