First Colt Revolver - 1920 Army Special! 38 SPC


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Just shot the 32-20 first time yesterday. I started out VERY mild - 2.9 grns BE behind 100 grn cast. Recoil was very minimum. Accuracy ok. Goingt bump it .2 grns and see wht accuracy does. I have room. Will eventually get it over a chrono, but really just killing paper and fun, so not looking for high velocity.


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The current corral holds 3 revolvers in 32/20 WCF--1) S&W M&P x 5" 2) Colt Army Special x 5" 3) Colt Bisley Model x 4-3/4". I formerly owned a Colt PPS x 4" in 32/20, and sold it to a friend some years back.

The late Ken Waters in his "Pet Loads" columns listed 6.0 grains of SR-4756 under 115 grain lead bullets as his "Pet Load" for the 32/20 in revolvers. Out of an abundance of caution, I backed the PPS loads off to 5.5 grains with these bullet weights. Mr. Waters' loads shoot VERY well from my listed heavier-duty 32/20s, but I don't try to hot-rod the loads--I have a 30 Carbine Blackhawk and an SP-101 x 4.2" in 327 Federal for that class of stunt work. I designed a 32 revolver-specific bullet of 118 grains some years back with a radiused wide flatnose, and 6.0 x 4756 gives it right at 900 FPS. These shoot right to the sights for me at 25 yards, and have accounted for numerous jackrabbits over the years to 50+ yards. Coyotes have had the deep sagacity to avoid me at times I have had the 32/20 revolvers afield, so far.

With SR-4756 now out of print for a couple years, it behooves us 32/20 addicts to come up with a decent substitute fuel to keep the caliber singing. I use a lot of Herco powder in other calibers and gauges, and some early work with the stuff in 32/20 has shown some promise. Once I am able to get out and play again, I hope to nail down some good data for us to use.
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For me, AA9 has proven great for high power loads and 231 & WST being great for lesser loads. I like them better than the flake powders because of more consistent powder measure throws.


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There is a Marlin 1894CCL in 32/20 WCF sharing space in the safe with those revolvers mentioned above. For High-pressure rifle-only loads, I put those up in Starline brass with Rem 6-1/2 primers, Lyman #311316, and enough WC-820, AA-9, 2400, or AA-1680 to prompt 1700 FPS or so. These have not been gilt-edged in accuracy so far; Speer 100 grain HPs (.312" dia.) have done better work to 1800 FPS. Scads of jackrabbits and a couple coyotes fell to the Speer bullets while I was living in Ridgecrest. I miss living there--a lot.


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Ridgecrest huh? Shaky town, 2,000 earthquakes a year. 110+ degree summers. Been there many times, spent a week there on a job one summer. Miss it? Well maybe not so much. ;) Now I would imagine your shooting at Inland Fish & game ranges. Shot many matches there, ran the silhouette club/matches there for a time.


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Really RC ? I have an Aunt , Uncle and a couple of cousins there .
I was pulled kicking and screaming into the world there . What a weird little world .


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Rick--Inland Fish & Game Association has been closed for many years. I go to the desert between Indio and Blythe for shooting trips, or stay in a motel in Ridgecrest and spend a few days on the ranges there.

I enjoyed living in Ridgecrest, but I didn't work there like my wife did. We didn't attend the right church and did not grow up there, so that caused work problems for Marie. It can be a weird place in some ways, but on balance it was all right. 115* summers? I grew up with those in San Bernardino. Ain't no thang. Try 128* and high humidity in Indio, wearing wool uniform pants and body armor. I did that trick from 1977-1982.