FREE to a good home: 243Win. Brass


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Offer closed, brass spoken for.

I’ve been trying to clean up and organize in my workshop and came across some things I’d like to share. I have a few hundred
243 cases, mostly 1x as far as I can tell and some in their original Federal boxes. It would be a shame to sell them for salvage when someone might want them. They have been stored for a while so will need to be cleaned and prepped but no different than any other range brass. You pay the postage for as many as you want and they’re yours. I’m new here and haven’t tried this PM stuff yet but I’ll work on it :)
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Is this a completed offer? If so need to mark the original (#1) post as such. Thanks, Rick


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Thanks Rick! Yes it is, I got no more requests today. I’m still trying to figure out the details of posting here but at any rate I’ll get closed tonight. Thanks for your help