Glitter Litter


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Anyone else starting to suffer from the effects of seasonal glitter litter?

S Mac

I get tickled at the wife, she seems to always get a bit on her face when it's glitter season, really shows up in the right light.


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Put it in an envelope and mail it to fiver.

And never forget it is called crafters herpes for a reason. It never really goes away.


NC Minnesota
That isn't funny Waco!! Some of us are married to crafters and find glitter in our shoes and socks regularly. LOL


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I found some speckles out in the garage today while attempting to clean up the construction cuttings from around the lube bench.
I have a feeling little girl was making 'sparkle lube' at some point.
but I could use a small package of glitter for the custom trout bait I mix up from the non glitter dough baits I use.


NC Minnesota
My wife hosts craft shows every weekend during deer season. I was helping her set up the second weekend and carrying some of the Xmas stuff in. She had stopped at the entry door and was talking to one of her vendor friends. Both started laughing when I came out to get another load of junk to carry in. I had glitter all over both arms of my wool coat, her husband went in just before I did and they were laughing because he did also. Where's the humor in that? She bought me Chinese later though.


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No earthly concept of glitter litter here..... nuthin but bugger pickers( four boys) and the sound of blankety blank,blank athletic cleats playin heck with my hdwd floors..... the mere mention raising goose bumps.

But 3 Gdaughters later....

So that's what you call the **** stuck to my maple butcher block counters?


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Thank God my wife is not a crafter.
The granddaughter on the other hand......
I find glitter in spots no man should ever find it.....dale


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The wife is not that big into crafts, but we do have 22 of the giant plastic storage containers you can buy at Target, of Christmas decorations. That doesn't include the ten Christmas trees or any of the outside decorations, and to everything has glitter on it.
What can I say, I have my Gun and shooting stuff, she has her Christmas stuff. I guess it could be worse.

Rally Hess

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My stepmother is into Christmas stuff. She has like 30 of those red and white Xmas bears. Takes her a couple days just to set them out for the season, and of course get them in order of year they were produced.


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We have a Santa Claus room, Reindeer room, Snowman room, Nativity room, Angel room, Nutcracker room, Rocking Horse room and Snowflake room. Christmas trees in every room (including the bathrooms). Plus a 9' Christmas Tree with probably 1,500 ornaments on it.