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This "Rumor-Control" non-announcement (so far) from The Great Plasticator is getting a lot of play on the shooter sites. As best I can tell, this is the sub-compact/single-column magazine Glock 9mm Model 43 given a longer and deeper butt/handle section to enable a 10-round magazine. Glock spokesholes are remaining silent so far, likely because this intro was being saved for a SHOT Show 2019 roll-out. Snitches make the world go around.

CCW acolytes are already decrying the design, that it defeats the purpose of a sub-compact design by virtue of its longer & larger grip. (Glock purists......THERE is a concept to wrap your mind around. Kinda like "Maserati camper shell"). People that actually shoot their sidearms from time to time will likely regard this addition to the Glock line as an upgrade. Not exactly a new idea--blending a shortened slide/barrel with a longer frame. Walther did it with their PPK/S to dodge BATFEral point system import nonsense, and Colt did it with the Commander series in their autopistol/1911 platform. Both concepts took hold with a vengeance.

I like the idea. A LOT. I have fired a bunch of the sub-compact Glocks at work, and own one of my own--a Glock 29 in 10mm. That short-handled little beast is just barely controllable, and I think a Glock 23 butt section would be a godsend. Pearce finger-hook magazine baseplates sell well for all of these sub-compact plastic beasties--gotta be a reason for that. This is a far more user-friendly design for those of us with big hands. I think the Glock 19/23 size range is the single-best platform arrangement that Glock offers, and it needs to be expanded to the 10mm and 45 ACP caliber models. I wouldn't miss the sub-compact designs. At all.


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Shaking head.

The G43 had to be about the most useless thing Glock ever invented. Single stack 9mm that still has a slide as thick as a 2x4. So now they they fixed it....except they made a G10 that's practically as big as a G17. So logical.


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Well, a 2x4 ain't exactly 2x4 anymore. If I did a g43 clone it would have the standard grip length. Never been one for the in between sized stuff. I think that longer grip would take away from the fits in some pockets ability. Just my thoughts on it.


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There are few semiautos in any caliber greater than .380 that have a slimmer slide than
the 1911, and none has a lower bore center, although a few equal it. SIGs have at
least 3/8-1/2" higher bore center than a 1911. This is the ONE thing that Glock got
right, IMO, bore height.



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I carry a glock 43 with me every day on the farm. I think it’s the perfect blend of size and firepower.

I keep it in a pocket holster tucked into the front of my overalls. It’s one of the few small handguns I can actually shoot accurately.


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I have a 7 shot single stack 9mm that's about 1" thick.
it's the type 99 made in China.. there are probably still some kicking around the stores in 7.62X25.
unfortunately the handle is about 2 times bigger than it needs to be and the barrel is about an inch too long to be real concealable.
an iwb holster and it ain't too bad. though, kind of like a 3/4 size 1911.


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I have a Type 54 (ChiCom Tokarev TT-30/33), and Lamar is right--they are very slim. Real Toks don't have a thumb safety, so when the add-on safety stopped working on mine I just removed it and kept on keeping on. It is a range toy, so if it gets carried I do it Condition 4 like Stalin & Mao intended. Its unitized trigger groups is a slick innovation.

I will repeat here what I posted on the other site--Glocks are the Donald Trump of sidearms. They evoke visceral hatred and abiding love simultaneously.
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IMO, longer grips on CC pieces, defeat the intended purpose. The grip is the hardest, to conceal. I have a Kahr CM-9 that came with two magazines, short and extended. I prefer the short one, for me, it's more comfortable to shoot.............a Pierce grip extension does better on that firearm with less interference when drawing from ones pocket. The extended magazine is delegated for range use and or as backup.


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Well, wouldn't you all know it--Glock is "doubling down" on their new pistol design additions.

The Glock 48 is a single-column magazine version of the Glock 19--9mm, 10-round magazine, slimline grip. Since I already have holsters and accessories allied with the existing Glock 23, getting into one of these would be a lower-cost option. The 10-round capacity makes California acceptability a walk-over, too. Just carry real bullets (NOT those excreble 147 grain sub-sonic things.....) and you might have yourself a viable goblin thumper.

It does make one wonder how many 40 S&W rounds could be packed into this slimline magazine chassis. As yet, Glock has not gone mid-size in 10mm or 45 ACP. If that happens in 10mm, I will sell at least the Glock 29 and probably the Glock 20 as well, I REALLY like their mid-size pistol concept.
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Gee if the keep it up, they can reinvent the 1911 and Delta Elite, but with a abysmal grip angle and similar trigger.;):)

Just cannot bring myself to like a Glock. I do tell students that they are well made, reliable handguns, that is
factual. And if they meet your needs, they can be just fine. I'm spoiled by 2 lb. short reset, linear triggers and
superior ergonomics.

Can't stand Colt revolver factory grips, either, on ANY of them prior to the Anaconda with
the factory Pachmeyrs. But that can be pretty easily overcome with aftermarket grips. Recently picked up
a very early Colt Cobra.....YIKES! The factory grips are horrifically bad, what WERE they thinking? Heavy 147 gr
WC loads are really unpleasant, my newer model Cobra has Pachmeyr Grippers and is a joy with any loads. Unfortunately,
the Gripper is only for the later short grip frame models. Still puzzling over this, may have to make my own

Folks are different, and lots like Glocks. I suspect that the 10 round limitation states will see lots of the single stack
Glocks sold.



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Yeah, the Glock system has caught on well. But the Colt/Browning 1911 concept isn't riding into the sunset quietly--not by a dern sight. People just love those Old Slabsides critters. I am among them.


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I'm still partial to the High Power aka P35 . 13+1 stock 9mm , 12+1 in 40 I believe . Lots of Hungarian copies made on prewar Belgian tooling . Too bad it's not built by FN or Browning and prohibited from import now ........


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Dunno. Steyr got fanged c. 1999 for selling GB pistols to Saddam's Iraq, and couldn't import anything into USA until 2005. U.S. Customs might have an online reference to banned companies or nations. I have enough trouble keeping track of what CAN be obtained here in the PRK.