got a doe


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always the first part that gets ate.
if in camp they're dinner that night.
if we take the deer home for skinning and hanging they are for dinner that night... LOL

L Ross

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We have DNR sponsored dumpsters for deer carcasses here now. I 'spose it helps cut down on some folks dumping them at boat landings, and in parks and such. When I look in the dumpsters at the slovenly job of butchering I wonder how many inner tenders go to waste.
The same guys throw their Bud Lite cans out their rusty Dodge Ram windows into the road side ditches. More coffee! Perhaps I can forestall a rant.


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We call'em "belly loins" and they are expressly for the hunter who harvested!! Usually breakfast next AM. But often dinner that night. I have taken and bagged them still out in the woods, along with Liver/Heart. If in good shape. ❤️❤️