H&R for the gbabies


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Snagged a youth stock off the Boolits site. Then ordered a pink paracord sling.

Old 30-30 H&R. Probably less than 200 rounds down the tube. This rig is TINY. Going to go with some very mild recoil ammo. 8 y.o. Gdaughter is going to put it through its paces. She's staying with us for a cpl weeks during holidays. She needed a varmint rig.

She'll pass it on,along with a trail of trad bows. She's been shooting the #60 Marlin I bought the oldest when he was about 8 or so. Cut the factory stock off an inch. 20181220_144035_resized.jpg

Jeff H

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I love those guns.

Sleek, light, handy and any of them I've shot - shot very well. Very lucky girl indeed.

My first "varmint rig" was a 30-30 (Savage 24V) and I had good results with the Sierra 100 grain HP.

Just started paying with a de-gas-checked LEE "soup can" in my current 30-30 and it shows a lot of low-noise varmint potential, at least at fifty yards.


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Had made a 10g of unique rotor for the Lyman accuemeasures. So am gonna use that load.

Had some loaded with 15g of 5744 and shot them yesterday @50 to sight in. Tore one ragged hole.

Thought about the whole pink camo but decided again it cause,the rig will get passed on and there's a baby boy coming..... and his name ain't Sue. I will say,wifey saw it on the counter yesterday and was highly impressed. Mainly the size.... well,the pink sling really stands out against all the black,AND anything for her babies gets the nod of approval. But still,wifey thought it just about the "cutest" rifle she'd ever seen?

Jeff H

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..........Had made a 10g of unique rotor for the Lyman accuemeasures..........Had some loaded with 15g of 5744 and shot them yesterday @50 to sight in. Tore one ragged hole............
Which bullet are you using? Maybe I missed that.

I've been through what I believe to be three different RDO 165 grain bullets in the 30-30 and have settled on what I think is his last effort on that design. I've been very happy with it. I've not gotten past 7 to 7.5 grains of Unique for that one because it shoots so well and is so fun that I have neglected to further develop it.


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7-8 without a gas check and 10 with. 130-170, it don't matter. Little 120-grain Lee PB bullets get washed in BLL and about 4 grains of TG.


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New 150g Lee Jeff.... gas check.

Don't expect a whole lot of load development,the gun's a shooter.I'm thinking hot,shook up,cheap soda pop cans @50 yds.

From a "youth" standpoint,the single shot break open is self explanatory..... instant recognition of the barrel innards. Dirty,clean... loaded,empty. Then the exploding soda can should give a graphic of what it's capable of? She's been shooting 3D archery for several seasons along with shooting 22's. Big difference in that and shooting a deer or varmint blasting.