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So I bought this Sony HDR-CX405 HandyCam and it's a great little camera, BUT, it records in MTS format and it's a bugger to get any of the programs I have installed on my computer to play that type of file. Suggestions please.


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No help on the camera but,the cases these typically come in make great field bags. I have one that's stuffed with a camo shirt or rain jacket. It's used as a rr bag shooting off bi pod. Sorry for thread drift..... should be someone on here that knows a work around.


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don't look at me you lost me at HDR.
but if I didn't get a response on the open Board I would PM Brad's brother.
you know that guy with the parrot for an avatar.


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Look in the manual. Some of them allow you to change the format.
I haven’t had issues with mine downloading to the computer.
Like fiver said, PM my baby bro as this kind of stuff is what he does for a living. User name is Troj


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Gary. Your camera is the same as mine. I have had no such issues. My brother does all of our editing using software called "Filmora"
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Looks like ours record in MP4.That is how they came. Must be a way to switch it around???