Headed to a good home


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20g Pacific 366 shot shell die/plate set heading out to a well deserving handloader.Along with she'll heater.

Selling off the 366 (12g) iffin y'all know anyone that wants it,pm me. It's in good shape,could use a little TLC. I miss the drillpress in the loading room..... gave it to one of the boys.Moving a Pratt $ Whitney ultra precision,VERY rare "sensitive drill" (drill press) into the loading room and the 366,needs to go.

1947 Wade 8A lathe for the photo op. 20180708_101313_resized.jpg
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I can help fill in any details about the 366 if anyone has any questions about how they operate, need help adjust the tooling, or whatever.
I remember using a shell heater way back when to bring the wax out of the mouth of paper shells to straighten the case mouth and improve the crimp....dale