Help me recycle some VCI paper

S Mac

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I'm a packrat, an auto tech that sometimes gets parts wrapped in VCI paper. can't help myself have to save it. Works well to wrap ferrous metal tools ie dies moulds etc to help keep from rusting. I have more than I need, if 2 others would like some post here and pm me and I'll send some your way.

Steve Mc


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Mac I had forgotten all about the last batch you offered up . I had neatly wrapped all of the old Lyman and RCBS moulds in it . Now I have to remember where I put the rest of it .

Thanks for doing this !

S Mac

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No takers.? Since I posted this more has come my way. I have heard that new paper is inexpensive but this is free.
And the stuff comes shipped in a container PERFECT for storing the extra until you're ready to use it.

The venerable bubble envelope.

I was standing there in front of the bench wondering where to put it, and then it dawned on me... :)
I just threw a large sheet of VCI paper away that had been on a new barrel that had come in the mail and I didn't even think about its properties in helping protect molds from getting rusty. I usually put the molds in a ziplock back with a small packet of the shipping beads but VCI would work just as well. Thanks for the reminder again.