Help talk me out of a PSA AR10

Kevin Stenberg

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I want to thank you guys for guiding my decision not to get a new PSA AR 10.
I had a long letter asking for help making a decision on weather or not to get a new PSA rifle. And just reading what all i needed to make it shoot able (trigger upgrade, new scope mount and scope Ambi safe. Helped me decide against the purchase.
Does anyone know how to erase an attractive sale price from my memory? Kevin


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shooting a good quality rifle will erase the price very quickly.
I couldn't tell you if I paid 600$ or 899$ for my Bergara hunting rifle but I can describe the day to day groups and every shot it has made on deer, and that the cheapass Vortex I put on it is holding up just fine.


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Does anyone know how to erase an attractive sale price from my memory? Yes, get it. You will learn to LOVE it. Well, you can build your own! Both my GS's have weatherby 243 - nice rifle. They have built AR15 & AR10 and guess what they take to the range AND hunting? AR!!. Both are very good shots and can work the bolt fast BUT. I hated putting 22 sorts in the single shot bolt 22 I had as a kid.


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Can more beets and try to think about something else? I know of no universal substitute for retail therapy.


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No known cure that isn't more harmful than regret .

I assembled a couple of ARs and shot one of them a little . I rebarreled it in the same cartridge and what a difference a good barrel makes .


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? I know of no universal substitute for retail therapy
Ha, clearance therapy! Works every time.

I have one assembled on a psa gen 1 upper & lower. Got the lower for 75$ delivered & transferred. The issue is the barrels. I've had 3 from psa, none would chamber cast. The one I made chamber cast burned out in a whopping 300rnds. Easy fix though, swap on a dpms bbl & go shoot moa or better for 150-200$. Watch jse surplus for clearance priced dpms barrels. You still have a bundle. Upgrading from mil spec triggers isn't necessary, but saves time & components over getting use to the regulars. Our psa ar308 has a cmmg mil spec right now. It's purty darn nice, but will eventually be upgraded to a jard.

Kevin Stenberg

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WELL I AM A GUN ADDICT! Yesterday i sent the message to PSA that i NEEDED their PSA AR10.
Now i just have to order a couple of mags. , a lower , scope mount and scope, carry bag , sling , pipod.
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Kevin Stenberg

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18" stainless barrel , 1/10 twist , A2 style , Standard handgaurd , flash hider. No bells or whistles.
The lower will have PSA's standard 6 position stock, with their polished trigger.
A thread drift alert. Has anyone used a sight called Scope List? Scopes are about all they sell. They say if you think their price is too high. You should make an offer for what you think it is worth. They do offer a vary wide range in brands of scopes. Their Vortex scopes had about 7 pages of scopes for sale.
Best mags for the .308 AR would be P-Mags. DPMS are good also, but the ones that Brownells sell (20 round alum. house brand) are mostly trouble.


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never tried scope list.
optic planet is probably worth looking at though [I know Doug there is a shooter] and I bet Walter [Waco] has some decent places to look depending on your price range.