Hey CW, operation is under way


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First step is to center the cavity then spot drill. This is a photo of the spot made with my phone. No way was I taking the mould out of the vise and then recentering it.
Follow that with a drill and ream to .1645.

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Then I made the pin from a piece of .164 drill rod. Nice and round.

Pin goes into a .375 collar which is also reamed .1645. It was held with some blue Loctite, let sit for 15 min, then drill and seat a cross pin to keep them aligned. This gives a good surface to butt against the bottom of the mould, a place to drill and tap for the pin the keeps it in place when casting, and a surface for gluing into the handle.
I used to make all of this, and a collar for holding in place when casting, but this is way faster and easier.

Drill and tap for screw in bottom of mould and make the screw. Takes a little thinking to get the head far enough away from collar to not interfere. I also make a shoulder under the head of the screw to locate it firmly on bottom of the mould. Making the screw is pretty easy using a die holder on the lathe.

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I now need to drill and tap for the cross pin that keeps the HP pin in place when casting and file it to fit. That is all pretty quick and easy work.

All told it takes a solid hour if I don’t get interrupted. I love this kind of stuff.
All that metal for the pin handle should do a good job of keeping the pin hot enough for casting.


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Interesting point Rocky, never considered it a thermal mass until now.


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This place so educational, and the last two posts are prime examples.

A dentist posted an observation regarding the machining handiwork of a pharmacist, that the pharmacist/machinist hadn't considered. Both the dentist and the pharmacist/machinist gained knowledge about an adjunct to their hobby, and their two posts enlightened the rest of the site's members.

And, if thread drift weren't tolerated the last three posts wouldn't have been allowed.
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Clutter away Jim, this is good education.
Well Tomorrow starts a new week so let's see where I am,
Have to get photos of those....probably do the ones on my bench! I have a bunch stored away for the proverbial "Rainy Day" Been lots of rainy days since I acquired them! Still stored away.
I do have an Old German cuckoo clock makers set! which I cherish but use, A lot of custom hones jobs and my Henckel's which are my right hand! The Swedish tool steel wood working tools are very nice but those are use for hogging out wood but I have customized a few for roughing out PA Longrifle cheek pieces...Geeze..... do I include my Small broad axes for rough shaping blanks???


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I have access to a shop full of tools and I couldn't turn a pair of matching round posts if I turned a dead square 48" cylinder to get 2 @ 22" and here you are roughing out $140 12 yr old hunk of once in a lifetime walnut with an axe and making it look good .