Hoot To Shoot


Redlands, Kalifornistan
My "Hoot to shoot" favorites are both Marlin leverguns--Model 1894CL in 25/20 and 1894CCL in 32/20.

The 25/20 has been with me since 1989, and has accounted for beaucoup jackrabbits, ground squirrels, crows, and a couple coyotes. Lyman #257312 is a much better killer than #257420, both are accurate. RCBS 25-85-CB shoots OK up to about 1100 FPS, but scatters if driven past that speed. It behaved in a similar matter in a Savage 99 x 250 that has moved down the road. barrels in both use 1-14" twist rates. 85 grains at 950-1100 FPS whacks smaller critters right well without the destruction of higher-velocity castings or J-words. The Speer 75 grain flatnoses launched at 1850 FPS do BAD THINGS to jackrabbits well past 100 yards. BANG/THWOCK/jack parts go flying.

The 32/20 arrived in Fall 2004 and has not seen nearly as much field work, but has handled its share of varmints. #311316 is its usual bullet, and it remains reasonably accurate to 1700-1750 FPS. Those will disassemble jackrabbits like #257312 as above. I have a number of 30/32 caliber moulds for the handguns of this size, but I have yet to use or own a #311008. I owe myself a belated Christmas gift, and will likely order one from Accurate Molds or NOE in the next few days. A plain-base design for the lever rifles needs to happen.


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I know what my daughter will say, 10/22! She can empty 50 round mags faster than I can load them.


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Only ones I don't like is the marIII that went to the kid so her's can shoot it. And the 15# AR10 is just to heavy to get to the range anymore. 5# BO pistol is fun but takes some getting used to. Sorry for the dangle P. english teacher, never have gotten over it.


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another one to look at Allen is the RCBS 32-098 RNFP.
I shoot it in my 30 carbine revolver using 32-20 cases I cut back a hair to fit the cylinders better.
it's taken furry stuff all the way up to deer sized.