How I ASBBDT Powdercoat


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How I ASBBDT Powder coat
Ovens, convection ovens are highly recommended, the air circulation gives you even baking and the ability to bake larger batches, A toaster oven will work for small batches
#1 Make sure your oven setting is bringing the interior to 400° Buy/ borrow a couple of these and place them in the center of the shelf you’re baking on. Adjust the oven's settings until the thermometers reach 400° Mark down the setting ** the setting will change when the surrounding temperature changes due to the location of the oven’s thermometer.

Cover the bottom of your oven with a heat retaining material, I use ceramic BBQ briquettes, others use firebrick rocks or?
This will help the oven get back to operating temperature much faster.

Add bullets to powder and black airsoft BB’s in a #5 container (cool whip containers work great

Put the lid on and swirl until enough static is generated so the PC adheres completely (30 seconds to 1 min)
IF you live in a damp area and the powder doesn’t want to stick pre-warm the bullets on top of your countertop oven, they shouldn’t be hotter than you can handle barehanded.
Dump in colander (popcorn kernel sifter) (you can punch holes in a paper bowl or drill holes in a plastic bowl)

Sift out BB’s and ALL the excess powder

Dump on bake screen

Bake according to instructions 20 min at 400° should work with most powders
IF the powder isn’t cured completely some gunpowders will react to the coating softening it and sticking to it.

(IF some stick to the screen just tap the back of the screen with a small leather mallet or? This won't hurt the coating.
rolling them on a towel to break loose any that might be stuck together

Hammer test to assure a good cure

Some people like to stand up the PC’d bullets with tweezers of wear surgical gloves.

They size easier than regular lubed bullets and start with the same load data.
You can differentiate between different load by using different colors, and, women like pretty bullets :)
Plus it's much cleaner than lube and doesn't gum up your dies, you can shoot it at indoor ranges because it doesn't smoke any more than a jacketed bullet and your barrel stays clean.

I love powder coating for small batches and multiple colors available...


for large batches (24# or more) I use HiTek coating it's an entirely different process that each step requires liquid coating/tumbling, drying, baking, cooling then repeat for a second coat. HiTek is used by most of the commercial coaters it is easier to get perfect coats on large batches.
the metallic colors available are:
1. Gold 10235- METALLIC/RIFLE



4. Candy Apple Red- METALLIC/RIFLE

5. Black 1035- METALLIC/RIFLE

6. Kryptonite Green- METALLIC/RIFLE

7. Bronze 500 and Bronze 502- METALLIC/RIFLE

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GRMPS, that's the best tutorial I've seen yet, short and to the point yet thorough. Thank you.


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I really appreciate your tips and advice! I have just started powder coating, not shot any pc bullets yet (soon). Thank you!


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I really appreciate your tips and advice! I have just started powder coating, not shot any pc bullets yet (soon). Thank you!