Hunting in the rain?


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Biggest deer I ever saw was in the rain in December. He was walking along a fence line at 300 yards and was one of those "you don't need binoculars to tell he was a shooter".
Didn't shoot, because I didn't know how the rain would effect the boolit travel and would have had to drag him across 200 yards of knee deep muck and water.


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Same scenario RB on the building strike,I was but a few feet from a puddle inside this bigarse building.Pretty much concrete and steel,I was over there fixing a screw up somebody made on the windows.So,wasn't all that interested in the whole thing?... when this lightning storm shows up.

Too dangerous to make it to the truck....when lightning hits the freakin steel door 20' from me.I was that close to be standing in the blown in water.


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I duck hunted a fair bit, loved every minute.
Deer hunting I will go just to get away.
Blued steel and wood. Best protection I found was 2-3 applications of floor paste wax on EVERY surface except scope lenses of coarse. Water will slide right off. A good drying every night too. I just propped them up muzzle down action open with a fan running on them.
Season over, a complete tear down of coarse.
Do not, I repeat do not use silicon spray. It may shed water but it will be slicker than a fish, don't ask how I know this.


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"don't ask how I know".....a bead blasted stainless Remington 700 SPS.....uhh,has enough carbon in it that it will rust,haha.And it shows up two days later...doh.


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Want to start a fight?

Walk into a pro auto paint shop with a can of WD40 in your hand.Silicone and paint is a major problem.Ranks right up there with using Pledge on fine furniture.