I do like this place.


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Took my wife to New Orleans in July a few years back.
While I was at a convention for 3 days, she was sight
seeing in and out of air conditioned buildings. She
caught pnehumia (sp)j. City is great, weather/temp/
humidity sucks.

Goatwhiskers, I wore a heart monitor for 30 days.
Kind of a PITA.
Shave the area where the electrodes are placed.
I will see my Dr. this morning to find out what the monitor found....dale


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Uhh,still raining here.The woods,yard,road to house look like we're living in a rain forest.

Jacked a cpl varmints yesterday with the CB '06,Kenneth.80 yd downhill.... they're still laying there.

Gotta get ready for work,hope you're staying cool Kenneth.


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Really good bunch of guys here...no drama...no agenda's just fella's who share a passion and willing to share their knowledge with others......You guys remind me of my fly fishing group....boys just wanting to have fun and help out others in their passion.
Wonderful comments Buddy.
All forums should display those characteristics, but sadly many don't.

Thanks again,