I guess you just get lucky sometimes.........

Ben I am going to that is some great luck ;)
But as we all know you are quite talented when it comes to making guns shoot bug hole groups :)
Good job!!
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The 7x57 looks like a great caliber!
I have been looking for one of the older ruger M77’s in that caliber for quite a while but have not ran across one yet.
I have time and patience one will pop up at some point.

Keep up the good work!


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I go to Tulsa , OK to the gun show 2X per yr.
I hardly ever see an old tang safety M - 77 in 7X57 mm at those shows.
Good Luck...........I hope you'll find one soon.



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it's probably easier to build a nice 7x57 than it is to find one.
I have had a couple over the years.
a pretty decent Mark-X that had a throat cut for I think 200gr bullets, but still managed to shoot pretty well if I kept the velocity's down to about 2600 fps with lighter 139-140gr jacketed bullets.
my M.I.L. of all people claimed that rifle as her deer rifle after I let her shoot it a few times.
I also had a nice Charles Daly that the wife snagged up then traded in on a stupid Savage in 30-06 while I was gone for work.
Littlegirl stole my tang safety Ruger, which leaves me the Winchester push feed I had built in 7x57 ICL chamber with a 40* shoulder and long neck.
I should have kept that reamer but traded it for a new 7x57Ackley reamer for another project I was working on at the time.
the 7x57 round feeds quite nice from a long action with no real modifications to the rails or anything, but so does the 280 Remington.
Good shooting there Ben, although 16.0 grs. of 2400 is a proven load that just works in many rifles right off the bat you still had to do your part.

Well done.


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Yes, for certain. I always start there (10 Unique and 16 2400) and fairly often there's no need for a change
and good to go.

Of course, the "loose nut behind the trigger" has to be doing a whole lot of good work
for the to happen, too.;)

And - glass bedding and proper scope mounting, good alloy selection, proper casting technique
and a good lube don't hurt a thing either. :D