I was NOT hunting them!!!


Springfield, Oregon
image.jpg But man they were a sight to see!
My wife and brother and I were out exploring the high desert of central Oregon a few weeks ago. We were going to go hiking out on a huge lava flow. As a rounded a corner of the old dirt road I saw something in the distance about 400 yards away. My first thought was deer. Then I thought cow elk maybe. I was wrong. What we saw was three big horn sheep! Lucky for us the didn't seem too spooky and they hung out long enough for the wife to snap some pictures. The one ram had a full curl! We got to within a couple hundred yards of them before the ran off into the lava beds. What a treat! That's only the second time I have ever seen a big horn sheep. We were already having a great day, but that was the highlight for sure!


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There's a herd that lives on the Oregon side of the Columbia, between Arlington and Biggs. When driving I-84 to Portland, it's fairly common to see them. One time they were only about 50 feet off the interstate. It's a treat every time!