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Let's see. I'm in Nebraska, ran across the forum while doing some digging for info on a couple of reloading projects. I've been using cast bullets in reduced rifle loads since I was a kid, I'd like to work up some full-power cast loads. Handguns, I mostly shoot cast anyhow but it would be nice to learn more.

And like everyone, I'm seeking the answers to some of the eternal questions of life, including "Why do wooden mould handles always come loose at the worst possible time?" and "What's that in the back of the safe? When did I buy that?"


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Welcome! It’s a good place.

I found one of the answers you seek, right here on this forum! Red high temp RTV keeps Lee mold handles together well.



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Welcome aboard .
What part of Nebraska? We are a well represented state here.
I’min Bellevue.

Those slipping ha does a major pain. I have used Acraglass on them with good results.


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Haha. Morning Just Jim!!

For them handles, ya can pin the handles or ya can glue them. Most "glue" will eventually fail again cause of the heat. I grin some then epoxy mine. Sometimes I pin them but easier to glue for me.
I have a cideo in my uTube account. Link in my sig i ya wanna ee.

Welcome to ya!!


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Your first question has already been answered, but I use JB Weld. If you plan on pinning Lee six-cavity handles, sintered metal doesn't drill too easily.


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Glue and epoxy can eventually fail from heat. Permatex Ultra Copper RTV silicone doesn't melt or burn. Ever.

You wanna go fast the easy way, powder coat is the answer.

As for what's in the back of your safe, well, those can be fun surprises.


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Thanks guys!

I've not had good long-term luck with JB Weld, it always seems to let go after 5-10 years. I'll give the RTV a shot, thanks.

Brad, I'm over west of Lincoln.

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Ian took my tips away!
Welcome from central Minn. Where the ice is here for 7 months and the other 3 months is controlled by road construction.
Another tip on the loose handles. Keep the Elf's out of your casting area.


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Whoops! Copper not Red? Because I’m a nerd, I had to look up the difference.

I thought I was doing it right. Also, I already had a tube on the shelf in my basement. The High Temp Red seems to no holding up just fine. It is however only rated to 650°F, where as the Copper is rated to 700°F.

My Bad!


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I've got two NIB DPMS AR-15 clones in the back of my safe (AKA: locked closet)...can't remember where they came from?


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Welcome .

I'm gathering up my Dad's stuff and I don't have any "nice but ummm where'd it come froms" in the safe but I have stumbled on more than a one "now what the heck was he thinking here" guns . It of course is becoming more clear that he was probably buying actions not guns so it's less confusing in that light ........


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Welcome to the insanity, Jim.
I was just in McCool Junction a couple weeks ago, deer hunting and visiting family. A lot of my childhood was spent in York, Nebraska.
In Idaho for the last 50 years. Our grandkids are here, so we probably ain't leavin'!!