Lead mine producing new metal in US


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The Pend Oreille underground mine in North Eastern Washington State is back on line and producing new metal. The sky is not falling, as metal prices rise, companies want to make a profit.


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Great news. Current administration is pro-business, too, seeks ways to increase
American jobs. Glad to hear it.

I wonder if Doe Run will open back up?

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We've been seeing a massive shortage of common items such as 3600A brake drums for trucks and trailers and a variety of other things which the industry has come to rely on the "global resource", aka NOT domestic, to supply. The other day I couldn't locate a set of Mack front drums anywhere in the country, even called Gunite directly in Illinois....and they told me they'd just put on 600 people to bring the foundry back on line. Funny, none of this kind of thing makes the news.

I heard someone who knows exactly how say he was gonna MAGA. There ya have it.