Lee type blank sizing dies now available


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I have a question: I ordered some dies from Keith (got them) and here's my question. Could this die be made into a Gas Check Die? I don't have a mill, but it seems to me that if the die were slotted it would be a start to a GC maker, right, maybe?


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Gary, I have no experience with gas check makers, I know several people make them and most folks seem happy with their products so I have stayed out of that particular market. I hope someone else can assist you, I would enjoy reading their comments. I think the blanks I sell are of the same general dimensions as many of Lee's other reloading products, I imagine if somebody felt like it they could make a crimp die or something similar out of them.


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Here are instructions on making the top punches fit your bullet's nose:


I do not sell a kit as such. All you need is the right caliber punch and a small amount of epoxy (I use JB Weld). I sell top punches in every caliber from .22 to .50, just order the caliber you need. My Lyman/RCBS style punches have an O-ring on the stem so you don't need to use the little setscrew to retain it in the ram. Here is a link with all the details:


It usually only takes two or three days to make them up and get them in the mail. If you're interested you can contact me here just start a "conversation" (like a personal message at other sites).


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No problem, a lot to understand at first. I will respond to a "conversation" within 24 hours, usually quicker. And I watch all these threads for new posts so when you post here I know that. I don't know if there is a way for you to know I received a conversation until I respond. But I hang out here a lot and at odd times so if you post I'll get back to you.