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After reading much ridicule and distaste for calipers , mine hit the numbers right with the mics and .0005 is close enough for my work , I had decided that if good ones knocked I'd buy a better 0-1 and a 2-3 maybe a 3-4 too .
Opportunity knocked . Old stuff , no check stops but
A 0-1 Reeds small tool , circa 1937
A 1-2 Miller Falls Co , circa 1935
And a 2-3 Starret . It has a stop lock but no thumb ratchet , I'd bet it's close to the same vintage .
In any case for $15 I don't guess I got hurt if one of them is good and the 0-1 does stop at zero . I have a good Starrett 1-2 to go with the 2-3 .


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Good to have. Lots of real deals on precision measuring tools on eBay. Seems that today's
youngsters have no idea what they even are, and without a digital display could they
possibly be of any value?
Good old Starrett or Mitutoyo stuff for a fraction of new.


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Yup,non digital = non starter for many folks.

Good snag RB.

I used to have a linky to a YouTube video. The lead in or title was..... how to calibrate a dial calipre. Older,machinist'y looking guy starts the video politely going over all the features of dials N gear tracks,yada yada. The viewer is lulled into thinking,"hey this guy is really on top of this".... and then bout midway or so through,he takes a 3# hammer and beats the livin chit outta the poor thing in a vise. Holy moly...... then the guy holds up a mic and starts admonishing the precision left on the table by the dial calipre.

I may not be quite that emphatic but,close.
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I've never had any of the digital measuring tools beyond the Chrony's , I always figured knowing my luck at the moment of critical need the batteries would be dead .

I looked these up , obviously I got dates .....,the Starrett replacement value is high , last time I checked about $80 in Reno , the other 2 are listed at $22-25 each on tool sites and eBay so at $5 each I feel like I did well .

I know the calipers leave a little for flex etc . Mine are actually quite well made and have been very consistent since 1993 . A buddy bought them for me at a time when he was by nature of his business into affordable quality tools . He's the only guy I know with π tapes from 1/2"-36" OD .

I'll have to look it up but I can probably send the Starrett in for a rework/polish for little cost . The down line companys are still in business for the other 2 although 1 isn't in the tool business anymore .
I use the same 50 year old Brown & Sharpe set that my pap gave me when they were new , never had any issues . I have a Starrett set as well as Mitsosomethngoranother japanese set but the B&S set's what I always grab when I gotta have an exact reading . It and the 1" Starrett mic he gave me with it are in my pocket anytime I hit a gun show or flea market , just like American Express . Cheap calipers suck but a quality set don't give up much if any to the mic's .


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I snagged a Mitutoyo caliper a while back, digital,used. The gent had three of them and I should have bought them all. They had been sent back and calibrated and checked out. His shop had them in storage for several years and decided to toss them. He passed them on to others. $25 Shipped and came with six batteries, paid for the batteries and got a free set of calipers.