Looking forward to old age?

Charles Graff

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That is a very funny cartoon. But being a creative sort, I never miss an opportunity to make a point that may be helpful to someone. Can't help it folks, that is the way I am wired.

From the moment we are born, life starts to give us things. We can roll over, then sit up, then walk, the ride a bicycle, then drive a car. We get a job, buy a home, take vacations, have kids, buy and shoot guns, etc, etc, so forth and so on.

There comes a time, when life starts to take away the things it has given us. We can no longer see well, hear well, drive as well, shoot as well, walk as well, do what we used to do, etc. etc., so forth and so on. At the end, we lose life itself. This time of loss is called old age and coping with all the accumulating loses is quit a challenge to say the least. It is good we can laugh at it from time to time, but in the end, it is serious business.


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You can't look 'forward' to old age, nothing there.
I'm very fortunate and awfully glad that I've made it as far along as I have, and look forward to tomorrow and beyond.


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That's true enough Charles. We come into the world pooping a diaper and in the end go out the same way.