Lube for sizing bullets prior to pc test results

Have been looking for water solvable lube to use prior to pc using shake and bake that would not hurt coating. So far the only lubricant I have found locally is wire pulling lubricant at local contractors supply store. The two tested were Slyder -SWL-10 and IDEAL Yellow-77. Test method: billets were coated in clean as Bowles at the run through .541 Lee push through sizer. After first batch was sized die was washed in hot water water and dried and reinstalled for the second batch. Each set of bullets were then washed in a plastic colander, then washed with hot water and dried with a heat gun. When cooled the ones using the slyder was coated using smokes red and the ones with ideall yellow 77 was coated with smokes Baco Grease both were cured at 400 degrees for 35 minutes total time to allow for waste up to the 400 degree cure temp. Both passes the hammer test with no problems. The Ideal yellow 77 seemed to provide better lub going through the sizing die also the powder stuck better than normal. These lube may help in sizing and pc on bore rider type bullets. That will be the subject of next round of tests.


I use the lube for nose sizing prior to pc. I was having an issue with stuck bullets when reducing the diameter over .001” . Lanolin would solve most of the sticking problem but it hurt the pc finish. Using the ideal yellow 77 wire pulling lubricant has actually helped with pc coverage when it is high humidity. The lube was washed off with a hose then washed in hot water. It sure seems to help even if it is like a pudding or youngart consistency.