Lubrisizers and H&I dies


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I have the following for sale.
1 Lyman 45
1 Lyman 450
2 RCBS lubrisizers.-1 sold

In order to make my life simpler I have decided to sell them with 6 H&I dies each. I will also include some top punches, likely 6-8 per sizer but I don’t have them at my place right now to know for sure.
I will not be able to select specific sizes of dies or top punches numbers. Dies will be of pretty standard sizes from 22, 243, 7mm, 30, 31, 8mm, 35, and 45 handgun and rifle.

Price for each, shipped is $140.

The sizers have been boiled to remove the lube. They are not spotless but are pretty clean. Dies were also boiled to get rid of most of the old lube.
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