Lyman Mag 25 broke

Lyman Customer Service flat out told me this a while back when I wanted to buy parts. They're bringing products in from China now, but are not getting repair or replacement parts. I assume that it is because they don't order them. Suddenly, everything is non-serviceable.
RCBS told me the same thing before the new pots were released.


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Lyman just emailed me, no parts so I guess we are on our own if we buy from them. They did tell me if I mailed it to them they would look at.
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Unfortunately both the Lyman and RCBS are made in China as complete units and they don't carry parts. Looked up the diagram on the RCBS web site and no RCBS part numbers ared listed, only sequential numbers to id the parts. I have the Easy Melt and hope it lasts wsy longrr than 3 yrs!
I just bought a Lyman all American 8 turret press. Absolutely love it.
Made in the USA. Not China.


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I just heard about "Right to Repair" legislation. I emideatly got excited that it was the death knell for expensive cheesy plastic crap in attractive boxes. But after I looked into it I found that "right to repair" mostly involves iPhones, iPads and some tractors who's manufacturers only allow their own technicians to service the devices that they make. I don't think that the teenager at the store qualifies as a technician regardless of how smart his name tag says he is. So I'll have to wait for the day when consumers will no longer be so easily swayed by shiny packaging displayed before boobs, meaningless catchy slogans, the day the grifter companies starve.

I do not think that selling junk will ever be made illegal. but a legal precedent that requires manufacturing companies to provide a schematic, an electrical diagram, and replacement parts is a step in the right direction.

one thing that can be done we are doing here now, sharing actual data about our experiences with the products we buy. it's hard enough to resist the marketing empires aimed at our wallets, but we don't have to face them alone and uninformed.

I like the lee 4-20 pot. It's a runner. I have addressed some a occasional dribbles by cleaning the pot.
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CopperBB, I think Deere is getting like that on their bigger machines, nobody can work on them except
the factory techs. just a money making scheme.


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I'm to the point of wondering if the contents of the brilliantly colored specialty boxes the products we buy come in are actually cheaper than the boxes themselves.