Malcom 3x on henry .327 Rifle

L Ross

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And what's really special is how bright and clear the 3X Malcolm is. I used it to shoot a 22 BPCR Silhouette Match on a rebarreled Winder Musket and it was very adequate even at 200.


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I like it too, might have to consider that as I get older and fuzzier....the sights that is.
i can shoot my trapdoor and martini cadets fine . the Henry front bead is about the size of the moon and the rear notch so narrow it's not useable


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Same deal with my BB in 357. I see Skinners in my future, or (GASP!) perhaps a 4x scope. That is major heresy in my levergun perspective, but Father Time remains undefeated--and my last 2 revolver purchases both have scope-capable construction.
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Mine shot so low with the Skinner peep that I just filed the whole bead tube off the top of the front blade and Oxpho Blued the bare spot.
I had a Skinner peep as well ,then after looking at the front sight height decided not to use it and for the same reason. I just happen to have this scope sitting around so I decided to try it and it fit.