Maybe no more sore thumbs.


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I have one for my CZ 75B in 9mm and wouldn’t be without it.

Ben, beware of those devices however. They have been known to lead to rapid emptying of ammo boxes and depletionof powder, lead, and primer supplies. They do, however, lead to smiles on faces.


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Mine pulls double duty -- single stack 1911 and double stack Glock. Filling them is almost as much fun as emptying them.


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Nice, definitely a thumb saver.

Having a wife that likes to shoot I was informed of them when they first came to market.


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The only mags that I though of needing help was Beretta 92 mags.
1911s and BHPs, and Sig 225s never caused me any trouble.

I like the unloader for AR15 mags, the loading is easy enough, but really a PITA
getting them out.

Maybe I need to try one.



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Been using them for years. Have one for my AR-10 and one like yours the covers most of my nines.......they make a dedicated one for CZ- Scorpion magazines, of which I have two. Wouldn't be without a Up-Lula.


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Mag loaders are a godsend to me. I would be out of the autopistol game entirely without them.


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I use one for my CZ75. Makes loading 4 mags easy. It also works for the S&W MP Pro 9. I load about 8 mags & leave the loose ammo home. You will love that tool.


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After checking out their web site, it seems there is a lot of cheap clones packaged with the Uplula name and uplula type packaging.
Chinese as near as they can tell.
They won`t hold up like the original...dale


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I bought mine at Academy Sports.
I hope that it is " THE REAL McCOY " ?