MERRY CHRISTMAS - From me to you.


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And it shuts down the entire state?
I’m not a huge fan of snow on a Christmas and I own a snow blower. Maybe that is because I own a snow blower?


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I don't mind the snow, it's the clear sunshiney day right after it I hate.
0-10F maybe 15 for a high if your lucky, the snow is frozen to the cars, it takes like 40 minutes to warm them up inside and out, then the temps plummet the next clear night.
you'd be surprised how much of a fight a 2 lb Chihuahua can put up when it's that cold and you want it to go outside.


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If someone threw me out in -40 temps in my underwear with snow six feet over my head I'd put up a fight, too! Those Mexican desert dogs start freezing to death at 70.


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Merry Christmas to you and y'all !
Supposed to snow this weekend here just north of Texarkana .


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Merry Christmas to all!

I got the snow blade on the tractor, along with wheel weights and chains today in 45F
temps. And cleaned the gutters......the leaves and mud in them was VERY cold, some of
it in the shady area was still chunks of ice. OWWW, my hands were really cold when I
was done. but now they will flow when the roof melts off and not create an ice rink
in front of my front door.



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We are now being warned of a new Nor' Easter coming next weekend. My darling wife bought me a new snowblower that should be here on Dec 11th just in the nick of time! She decided no Christmas gifts for us this year... just a new GOOD Snow machine (I guess she wants me to live a bit longer!)
Multi gears forward.... 2 reverse and I can run it on the gravel driveway! ( without killing any wildlife with rocks!) but just in case I'm ordering a gross of shear pins! .....I'm just hoping it isn't a Diesel Tractor type snowfall!


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Merry Christmas!

Alabama did get a little snow when Marie was stationed there with the Army.

It sounds like AL follows CA's example in reaction to snowfall--CHP closed The Grapevine (Tejon Pass, I-5 between north end of Los Angeles and south end of San Joaquin Valley) when snow stared to stick on the pavement. Really. And Cal-Trans puts up the CHAINS REQUIRED signs as soon as the snow starts to stick on the local mountain roads.

Of course, I also recall working a portion of my county along I-10 through San Gorgonio Pass, where it does snow from time to time. Will Californians slow down in rain or snow? perish the thought! The Pass became a punk rock mosh pit slam dance conducted with F-150s and Toyotas every time the snow flew.


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Yeah, Brad. That's a good one.

I learned a long time ago, that no matter how bad you think you have it,
somebody has it worse and isn't whining about it.

Ben - I love the sentiment, but having lived in and visited most of Dixie many
times over the years (Fla, Ga and SC just a week ago) the only place in Dixie I have
seen snow like that was in Virgnia in the 60s and 70s.

Merry Christmas!

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