Minn. first day of rifle deer season

Kevin Stenberg

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Yesterday was our opener. The weather was 45 to 50, not a cloud in the sky, the wind was so light it didn't even rustle the leaves that were left on the trees. My south facing ladder stand let me soak up all of that warm fall sun. I did have to replace my stocking hat with a BB hat just so I could see.
I saw my first deer (to far away and couldn't tell the gender) about an hour after first light. The squirrels, nuthatches, chicadys, downy woodpeckers kept my interest high all morning.
About 11 am I said a prayer thanking God for the beautiful day and for letting me not be skunked on atleast seeing one deer this season. I also asked him that if he let me see another that it be a fork or a 6 point. because they are easier to drag for this 64 year old.
1 pm came and I turned to scan an area I have never seen a deer in before. Sure enough about 150 yds out there is a deer I could immediately see was a buck headed my way. It was coming down a hillside and walking directly into the sun. Every time he swiveled his head his rack shined just like a mirror. Which made it imp. for me to tell how big the rack was. Which I didn't care, it was a buck. The short time it took for him to walk into a shooting lane seemed like an hour. Unfortunately he did stop in my shooting lane but he stopped so his front shoulders (my preferred shot) were in back of a tree, so I had to take the shot just in back of the shoulders.
Naturally as luck would have it he ran away from the direction that I wanted. But when running his head was down below his shoulders so I knew he wouldn't go far.
He was shot about 1pm loaded in the truck about 3pm (with 3 trips to my truck) hung, skinned, quartered, and in the freezer by 6pm


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That went well! But I agree, pics or it didn't happen....how about those antlers at least? Rifle? Load?

Kevin Stenberg

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I will get pictures tomorrow. I promise.
Actually I was very lucky in killing the deer. The bullet never expanded, never hit a bone and passed straight through. I think the only reason he died was the bullet passed through the lower 3/4" of the heart. 1 nice neat little hole on either side of it.
But I didn't look at the lungs or any other organ for damage.


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two holes.... my favorite amount.
if you looked around in there you'd see some radial damage.
I put a 98gr rnfp through the heart and lungs of an approx. 125 lb doe a number of years back and was petty impressed by the radial bruising I seen when I cleaned her out.
the amount I could see I know was smaller than the temporary amount of damage done, but the shock from it was real enough.


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Well done.
I always felt a bit torn about getting a deer. It was nice to have one but it also meant the season was over.


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Greetings and Congratulations Kevin !
Thank you for typing that up ! Nice looking buck ! God certainly answered your prayer ! Praises to Him for sending that buck along your way ! 64 is a great age to be out and scurrying through the bushes.

Hey Brad... you can still go out with a camera and shoot a bunch more. There will always be a wonder in my heart watching the sun come up and the critters coming out to continue life.
Mike in Peru

S Mac

Good job Kevin. I think a younger buck is better eating besides being a little easier to drag out.


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Good looking buck, Kevin.

Brad, you need to move down, here. Between bow hunting, muzzle loading and rifle seasons; six deer can be taken. Two of which are bucks. Of course, we have the 3 point rule for bucks. Three one inch or better points, on one side. I have passed up the same buck, numerous times, this year. He has a broken off antler, making him not legal.:(