My 788 30/30 is all dressed up and ready to go to the range, as soon as my Dr releases me:>(


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I got the rifle refinished and ready for the range. I stripped to old finish and refinished with 9 coats of tru-oil. After the last coat I rubbed it down with pumice and got it to a semi-gloss finish. After 3 coats of Johnsons Paste Wax I ended up with what you see. I am by no means a pro woodworker but I can tell myself it looks better than it did. I added a recoil pad and a new Vortex 3-9x scope. I cant wait to see how it shoots.


Very nice, I have one in 222, 22-250, 6mm rem, 30-30, and 308, they all shoot great and none of them has wood as pretty as yours and Bens get well soon praying for you



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Nice job. Easy to refresh it down the road too.

You guys are killin me with the nice 788 stocks. Ours is still done in mud dobber stain. I won't be tempted into another project, I won't be tempted into another project.....

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They are first rate rifles and difficult to find these days.

After 50+ years of using Tru-Oil, I finally discovered the no fail, no run method. I rub on a coat and immediatly rub it off with a paper shop towel and set it aside to dry. I wait a day between coats and can go as many as you want. The finished product will only need a rubbing with a soft cloth for the finished finish.

Here is a stock I finished that way. It has about 30 coats on it.
NRA 2 smaller (2).jpg
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