My K Hornet and the Wife


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Have gotten the wife back into shooting after a number of years where she has shot nothing. 25-30 years ago (during our buckskining phase), she shot black powder rifle, and did very well. Now, and into her mid 70's, having a patched up shoulder, being in remission for
cancer (multipal miloma ), she is kind of excited to be back into shooting again. I bought her an SR22 semi auto 22 for Christmas, and have her shooting at indoor range every Fri. She shoots my 9's, and 38's, and 22's and is getting better each week it seems. Does better with revolvers than with semi autos. And she is enjoying herself, and looks forward to Friday's.

How some ever, a couple of weeks ago, I took her to the outdoor for a trial of her shoulder with a 10-22, a Sav 17HMR, and my #3 KHornet, at 50 yds. She did tolerably well with all three, but seemed to shoot the K a touch better than the others. Load was 37gr. NOE, GC, over 4 gr of Red Dot. She did one 10 shot group of a bit over 1 1/2". After that we went to a pistol pit, and she really enjoyed popping an occasional pop can at about 20 yds with hand gun.

This week we again went out with the rimfires and the K, but it was about 88 when we started shooting. Again she shot pretty well from the bench at 50. And did two 5 shot gps with the 17HMR that stayed about 2", and was better by a bit with the K and the same load. An hour later it was about 92, and went to pistol pits to hit some cans and sweat. That lasted only about 20 min. No shade in the pits.

I came home and loaded some NOE 37gr. PB's, over 3.3 gr. of American Select (25 ea), and another 20 with GC. Bullets as loaded weighed 39.1 PB, and 39.3 GC. BR/BLL, Her shoulder is not bothering her and I enjoy loading mouse fart loads in the K. Her next goal will be to get a 5 shot gp with the K. Think I will leave the 10-22 and the 17HMR home the next time out. By consideration, the K is much cheaper to shoot, and being a single shot will make her a better shot. You are never to old to not enjoy a bit of trigger time.

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Great write-up Paul. Love hearing about the wives getting out and sharing our hobbies. My mother was a very good shot and Mrs. smokeywolf, while having little total trigger time, shows great promise.


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Whatever the age, it is good to be able to look forward to something that you really enjoy. Good for both of you !!!!!!!!!

Nice story,
My wife is a shooter also. She is wanting to shoot next year in the 22 winter league.
I'm going to try your loads in my Hornet and see how they work. I have the same NOE mold.


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My wife can out shoot me any day with a handgun........guess that is why I gravitate to cast bullet rifles! ( she is right handed left eyed! so I have the advantage there! ;)