New 7-08 hunts this afternoon.


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Meeting a customer"after work" this afternoon,evening.Asked permission for a hunt before the meeting.He knows about my cast bullet rigs/passion along with bow hunting.Understanding the reduced velocities and for close work,along with uber precision.Just sayin,he probably would have reservations about 3600+fps JB's,but is 100% on board with more traditional efforts.

Ironically,it's a lot like our business model?In any case....they have enough property to make a few calling stands.General woods bumming,shaking down the new EDC 7-08,700.

Best it's doing with the Lee mould is bttm of coke can @100.Will send a few more downrange today before hunt.BW


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63*,slight 9:00 breeze @2 1/2mph.3shots,no foulers....dry mopped bore,up through the mag...

1st shot hit,p.o.a.,2nd and 3rd went into the same hole,1/2" lower.So,1/2-5/8" 3shot group.Good to go


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Haven't chrono'd but....noticeably less recoil/torque than the 308 Marlin XS...just sayin.BW
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Fiver,I'll take a sporter everytime these days.Just like a one pce longbow or recurve,laziness rules.This rig is stupid lite.

The torque thing is real....meaning ,the 7 just don't twist up like the 30's.BW


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Sent some 7's downrange yesterday.Not only had the action come out of stock.....needing another trip across mill,as there was plenty of clearance on the sides of brrl channel,needed a little more on the bttm of free float.

But also popped the 1-4x20 Loopy off the bases.Weaver classic low rings,two pce Weaver bases.I was dinking around with the scope whilst action was out.

Anyfreakinway......thats the back story.Put it back together and the "zero" was dead nuts @100.Bedding,scope,mounts,load is all in harmony.


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it's funny how you get a pretty good rifle then have to improve it slightly then dink with it a touch more.
you'll get it exactly where you want it then shoot it for a while and it gets boring cause nuthins wrong with it.

the wife sold her Charles Daly 7x57 after I twisted it through about 40 different contortions and worked up 2 good cast and 2 good jacketed loads for it.
'it was boring'
A beautiful Deeeep blue on the metal parts in a 'plastic all weather stock' with a nice scope and a great controllable trigger of about 2.5 lbs that broke like a glass soda straw snapping, with no over travel.
it cycled like a Krag Jorgenson, didn't kick, and carried like it weighed like 5 lbs.
God I miss that rifle.