New Accurate 31-090B mold


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Got this new mold from Tom last week. Cleaned it up, ran a few heat cycles and cleaned again. Then started turning out some nice 90 gr flat nose bullets for my 32/20 guns and 30 Carbine pistol. Started out easy with light loads, had very good results; X ring hits when I do my part. Nice little bullet that casts @ .311 and load easy. Acc 31-090B  90FN-01.jpg
Acc 31-090B  90FN-02.jpg

Loaded in 32/20 RP case
Acc 31-090B  90FN-03.jpg


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good design.
I use the rcbs 32-098 which is quite similar for the same things.
it's a small game killer for sure and has been pressed into service for deer a couple of times.


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I now have about 7 Accurate moulds.
Each is a real joy to cast with.
Tom makes great moulds.

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I think Tom mentioned once that he runs the moulds through an ultra-sonic cleaner before he ships them. I usually just heat them, maybe wave a butane lighter at the cavities for break-in, and run a few short sessions. Sometimes I run three pots full right out of the box with nothing but a dab of sprue plate lube on the pivot bolt/washer.


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I remember him mentioning that also.
I have been keeping an eye out for one at the thrift shops ever since.
my reasoning is that if it works so well on his it should also work on the NOE/LEE molds too.


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Lee moulds are made from some kind of extra-crummy, cheese-grade aluminum that I'm not sure an ultra-sonic cleaner would help very much. Anybody tried it?