New knife.


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keep a little oil on the blade.
I have a buddy that is a knife freak and he speaks highly of them.
I have a small handful of knives I have used for years [one gets used for nothing but opening the stomach compartment of deer and Elk like a zipper then put away] so I'm pretty utilitarian about them.


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Yep. That 1095 high carbon stuff will rust right quick. I keep a small eye dropper bottle with mineral oil in it in my pack.


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I'm a huge fan of 1095 for meat blades. Nice little hip knife, I like the flat-grind, the way the blade is dropped, and the shape of the edge.


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That is plenty for dressing a deer. I have a little folder I used with no more blade than that. A sharp knife just cuts with no effort.
Nice knife.


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that is an excellent shape for gutting and skinning.
I understand they sharpen them to about a 20* angle, so they are razor sharp but not going to take a beating opening boxes and the like for long.
This is the knife I have taken to. You can get it in carbon or SS and in 110mm or 140mm for blade length. They charge a flat $ 9.99 shipping from Finland. I have ordered a bunch of stuff from them and they are good to go. Sometimes things get hung up at customs for a little bit though. If you do order, make sure to get the leather sheath. It is built like a tank.
They have some good vids. I can't figure out how they ship stuff from Finland for $9.99 to us with tracking and sig req. It would cost $100 if we used USPS

I have ordered from them over 10 times. Never had a problem The chocolate is awesome. Don't laugh, but the fish cock is pretty good. I always order a couple cans of the chocolate and the fish cock. The chocolate has some serious caffeine in it