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Springfield, Oregon
I have only ever had an old 1970's RCBS Rock Chucker to load my rifle stuff on. It was my Uncles until he passed away in 1999. It is a great little press but I treated myself today and ordered a new Lyman eight hole turret press.

I also ordered three extra turret heads to get started. The Redding T7 has been on my watch list but the cost of the press and the extra turret plates was enough for my to give the Lyman a try. Quite a bit cheaper. I'm sure the Lyman won't stack up side by side with the Redding but I don't do any crazy case forming or anything like that. I should be happy with this one.

I like the idea of getting dies set and not having to mess with them anymore. I can see several more RCBS neck expanding dies in my future.


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Dad recently purchased one and I was really impressed with the quality.

Lyman really stepped up their game with this one.

This is coming from someone with a Redding T7

Congrats on the purchase. Be sure to give us your thoughts once you get some time on it.


Redlands, Kalifornistan
I will be looking on as well.

About 2/3 of my reloading gets done now on a turret press--a Ponsness-Warren P-200. What doesn't fit or work on the P-200 gets processed on the Rockchucker. P-W makes a turret press for rifle-length metallics as well, and once I am able to walk again (long story) I think it will land here. But I am willing to entertain other options, so whatever impressions about the Lyman machine come up would be welcome. TIA.


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I have my P-200 set up for pistol loading.
I have a Rockchucker I use for swaging primer pockets and heavy sizing and case forming.
The rest of my loading is done a RCBS Jr. I have had for a great number of years....dale


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you got me lusting after one of those! I was thinking the Lee but for $50 more that looks much beefier


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I have a T-7 and this press looks outstanding. Could of bought a couple of those for the price I paid for the T-7.


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I have a Redding T-7 and have never considered purchasing a second turret, that isn't my
style. I have always respected Lyman gear, no idea about that particular press, though.

I looked at the link and it looks pretty good. Certainly more convenient than the Rock Chucker.
It is way better to put a set of dies in place rather than have to screw them in and out of
a single station press.

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I like that the Lyman has reasonably priced turrets.

I would like to have a couple more for my Redding but $80 a piece is crazy


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If they were $150 when i was buying i would have got one too, think it was $200 or so. Here's a Redding 7 vs Lyman 8 comparison, long and Australian but pretty thorough.


St Lawrence river valley, NY
I use an old Lyman All American and a Spar-T IIRC. Turrets are pretty handy for a lot of things, but the Co-Ax and RCBS still get a workout. Turrents shine when you load a particular caliber often, weekly or whatever. I've thought of buying extra turret heads, but never got around to it.

Huh. Now that I think on it I ahve a Hornady Lock n Load new in the box that I haven't even used yet! I gotta find a big box of TIME someplace! ';)


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I've been known to have 3-4 singles with a die in them for each step when loading a lot of something . For the most part I set lock rings and leave them as is for 90% of my use . I think maybe my 38 Special , 9mm , and 45s have the seating stems turned out and get reset for different bullets . Otherwise they stay pretty much set to a particular OAL set up on the nose flat just under nominal function length per cartridge . Things like 2 sizers for 06' one to crush unknown cases down to fit that match chambered 760 and one to restore neck tension to the long fat shouldered Savage so the cases don't rattle in the chamber . I had a Load Master for a while it just didn't sing to me . I've had several Lee 3-4 hole turrets also but they didn't sing either ......that whole tool for a job that does the job but not the tool for exactly that job thing I guess . I've passed on several occasions buying a couple of different turrets , I think it must be the mechanic in me that screams " look at those leverage points and that tiny little axle with no slack adjustment or alignment locks . How's it stay plumb and rigid ? It looks like a bad shroom' . Shut up this is no time for the Jesus nut argument ." So I bought a Big Max A4 because I needed it for those big case conversions like 223 to 222 and split neck 06' to 358 Win or 7mm RM to 264 WM ......... No sense wasting the T Rex rifle when there are voles in the lawn that need to die . Maybe one of these days when I get to where I can just neck , flair , and seat everything .


Springfield, Oregon
The new press is very nice. Big and heavy. It weighs over 30 pounds without dies in it.
One turret set up with all my .308 dies, and one with .223 and 45-70
I have two more to fill up. A buddy at work wants me to bring one in so he can write a program on the CNC lathe and make me a few from some high end aluminum. :DDD50EBCD-7E0F-47D8-8D4B-065C8468CBD9.jpeg